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The Primavera textile design features an intricate drawing of different types of flowers, including wild roses and tulips, rendered in vivid shades of blue.


This statement design was specifically used to print on a limited edition collection of tennis dresses. I strived to create the perfect combination of femininity and boldness, making a statement wherever it is worn.

Flora Wild textile design for Ivincia

Flora wild features my intricate hand-drawn wild rose textile design in an all-over-pattern, designed to make a beautifully bold statement on the tennis court!


The Daffodil Oasis textile design was inspired by the daffodils that grew wild outside my home in the English countryside. I wanted to capture their delicate natural beauty in my textile design. 

This textile design was printed on a limited edition tennis dress collection made from premium technical performance fabrics manufactured in Spain.

My drawing for Alexander McQueen

While Interning for Alexander Mcqueen in the womenswear print design department I had the pleasure of drawing original artwork for their prints including this t-shirt design.