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Tapoly Instagram rebranding project

I worked with the founder of insurance company Tapoly to come up with a completely new Instagram profile. I completed the following tasks:

• Completely updated Instagram layout and branding assets

• Design cohesive and repeatable and editable layout using Canva

• Create posts that appeal to Tapoly’s new target customers

• Chose professional stock photos that appeal to Tapoly's new demographic

Meditation social media posts

I crafted Instagram posts with a meditation theme, including graphics, fonts, stock photos, and a calming color palette for a soothing and engaging campaign.

Client work for Summit Specialty Coffee Panama

I designed 30 engaging Instagram posts for Summit Specialty Coffee Panama's Instagram profile. I maintained our client's color scheme while elevating it with new fonts and high-quality stock photos. Additionally, I incorporated funny quotes and facts to add humor and intrigue to the content, resulting in a visually appealing and engaging series of posts.

Work included:

• Created custom graphics using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Canva

• Sourced high quality stock photos of coffee and forests in Panama.

• Strengthened brand identity 

• Selected fonts

• Researched facts and quotes about coffee

• Scheduled posts

The Little Mindful Bear

I crafted heartwarming Instagram posts aimed at nurturing emotional intelligence and self-love in children. This involved designing captivating graphics and charming characters, as well as curating inspirational quotes. To enhance the appeal, I carefully chose cute, hand-written font styles that resonated with the audience, resulting in a visually appealing and emotionally resonant series of posts.

Work included:

• Designed graphics and characters using Adobe Illustrator

• Created inspiring quotes

• Selected cute, hand-written font styles

• Created a fun and happy color scheme

• Designed cohesive and repeatable layout for posts